Urgent Permitless Carry Update – Please read!

TSRA Military Director, Bill Nance and Legislative Director, Andi Turner at the Permitless Carry Hearing

House Bill 1927 by Representative Matt Schaefer will be heard on Thursday at 9 AM in the Senate Special Committee on Constitutional Issues- room E1.016 . Senator Schwertner is the Senate sponsor of this bill and we anticipate that under his leadership we will get this done!!!!! (For those of you who don’t know, you need a Senate Sponsor on a House Bill and a House Sponsor on a Senate Bill.)
Do prepare to be there for a while. The Senate will be meeting at 11 AM, I believe and so there will be a break in the hearing – no idea how long they will be.
If you wish to come to testify, please remember that you will need to have a Covid Test – available on the Northside of the Capitol OR your Covid Vaccine card (with both shots recorded on it) in order to get the wristband to allow you into the committee room.
You will recall that 20 other states already have this as law and of course, you know that we already (and always have had) long gun open carry. It’s time we have our right restored! Heck, Vermont never took it away!
Once the bill is passed by the committee, we need 18 votes just to ALLOW discussion on the Senate floor. Then we need 16 votes to get the Senate to pass the bill.
If you cannot testify, there are things you can do:
Call your Senator and let them know you are in full support of this bill and that you would like their support on it as well! You can use the “Who Represents Me ” button at the bottom of this email to find out who is your Senator is if you don’t know.
Also, if you haven’t already done so, call Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick’s office and share with him your support for this bill. (512) 463-0001 is the number to call. Also, you can send your written comments at this link: https://www.ltgov.texas.gov/contact/contact-general/

Andi Turner – Legislative Director

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