TSRA-PAC Kicks off “Spirit of 1836” Campaign

The Texas State Rifle Association’s Political Action Committee is gearing up for the 2022 election season and the upcoming 88th Session of the Texas Legislature.

We need your help TODAY!

As much as we accomplished in the last session, there is still more to be done and the TSRA-PAC is the strongest voice for gun owners in the Lone Star State. With more than a century of experience advancing the interest of the hunters, competitors, and gun owners of Texas, the Texas State Rifle Association is the oldest Second Amendment advocacy organization in the state.

Make no mistake, despite the drubbing they got in the last session and the big losses in the Supreme Court, the enemies of your liberty are both determined and well-funded. We need the funding to carry the fight to them, both in November and, more importantly, in January.

The TSRA-PAC receives no funding from the Texas State Rifle Association: the law prohibits it. We don’t get any funding from other organizations and, unlike some gun-control groups, we don’t have any billionaire benefactors.

What we have is YOU.

Our efforts are 100% powered by donations from people like you; people who believe in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution as they were written and intended. People who believe in the proud heritage of our nation and our state and the traditions that make Texans special.

We’re kicking off the “Spirit of 1836” campaign commemorating the “Come and Take It” defiance of the Texians beginning at the Battle of Gonzales in 1835 and carried through to the Battle of San Jacinto and independence in 1836. We won’t yield an inch in the fight to preserve the rights of all Texans.

We need to raise $120,000 in 120 days to be the most effective gun-rights advocacy group we can be; to be a source for honest information and straight talk; and to reach out and engage our fellow Texans.

We’re Texas-based, Texas proud, and Texas-focused: We’re asking you to stand with us TODAY!