2021 Session Bill summary


House Bill 918 Allows those over the age of 18 and possessing a protective order to obtain a temporary License to Carry as long as the order is in force.

House Bill 1407 Allows persons with a Texas License to Carry to have their handguns in a holster and removes the requirement that the handgun be concealed.

House Bill 1387 Allows foster parents to keep firearms and ammunition in the same safe and removes the requirements for trigger locks.

House Bill 1500 Bars the governor from using emergency powers to restrict citizens’ rights to keep and bear firearms or from restricting the operations of firearm-related businesses.

House Bill 1927  Constitutional Carry/Permitless Carry eliminating the requirement for a citizen to obtain a License to Carry. Applies to both open and concealed carry.

House Bill 2622 Makes Texas a Second Amendment Sanctuary State and prohibits state, county, and municipal law enforcement from enforcing federal gun control measures passed after January 19, 2021 if they are not also Texas state laws.

Senate Bill 19 Prohibits governments and government agencies in Texas from entering into contracts with firms that discriminate against firearm-related businesses.

Senate Bill 20 Requires hotels and other temporary lodging facilities to allow guests to store handguns and ammunition in their rooms or vehicles and to carry them from their vehicle to their room and back.

All of these new laws become effective September 1, 2021.

Anti-Second Amendment Bills

There were 24 anti-gun-rights bills filed in the regular session. Only the following two made it as far as a committee hearing. All of them died in committee and were never sent to the floor.

House Bill 118 Universal Background check law. Would have required that private firearm transfers be conducted through a licensed firearms dealer unless the buyer/recipient was a licensed dealer, law enforcement officer, or a person with a valid Texas License to Carry, Also exempted would be family members including a parent, child, brother, sister, grandparent, grandchild, great-grandparent, great-grandchild, aunt (sister of parent), uncle (parent). The exemption would also have applied to in-laws.

House Bill 791 Would have prohibited displaying a firearm within 500 feet of a demonstration.

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