Merchant Category Codes: The latest gun control scam

The furor surrounding the adoption of a new Merchant Category Code (MCC) for gun stores demands doing something that has been needed for a long time: Calling gun control advocates liars and calling out the complicity of the media in the deception.

The claims made for the new Merchant Category Code are so outrageously false it is difficult come to any conclusion other than Senator Elizabeth Warren, Representative Madeleine Dean, and their fellow travelers are, knowingly and with malice aforethought, deceptively manipulating businesses and the American public in order to subvert the lawful exercise of rights protected by the Constitution of the United States.

As Visa noted in its public statement, the new MCC cannot be used to track UPC or SKU-level information. The card issuer has only the name of the cardholder, the name of the business, the MCC, and the amount of the transaction. Furthermore, as the company stated, it doesn’t want to have that type of information because it is not a card issuer’s place to evaluate presumably lawful sales. Even if the transaction does involve the transfer of a firearm, the fact it is being made by a licensed dealer is proof that the buyer has already passed the required background check.

In addition, the MCC applies only to a narrow class of businesses that don’t even include all federally licensed firearm dealers. Purchases from big-box and sporting goods stores as well as purchases from pawn shops won’t be captured.

Looking back at the list of 133 mass shooters compiled by Mother Jones since 1982, we find that 35 of the killers bought at least one of the guns they used from a gun store; ten shopped at sporting goods stores; five acquired their guns from a pawn shop; and various private transactions accounted for six more.

Even if every one of those gun store purchases had been made with a credit card, that is still only 35 transactions over a 40-year period. Finding a needle in a haystack while blindfolded and wearing oven mitts would be child’s play by comparison.

And we still haven’t addressed the fact that none of the proponents of the change have offered any guidance as to what might be “suspicious.”

The truth is that this code not only won’t identify mass shooters (because it can’t), it won’t identify so-called terrorists unless they are already under observation. Even then, it won’t identify what they are buying.

Since the actions demanded and taken cannot be justified by the stated reasons, no choice remains but to seek out a hidden motivation.

Such a search is over quickly: The proponents of financial transaction tracking don’t actually care at all about mass shooters or terrorists, domestic or otherwise. Their only possible goal is to set up a system that can be manipulated to fit their desired definition of suspicious and discourage the legitimate acquisition of firearms. What they have been unable to do with the law, they seek to do by subverting businesses.

That the media is not only willing but eager to perpetuate this deception cannot go unnoticed.

Perhaps to shield itself from the growing awareness that the media itself bears some responsibility for the spread of mass shootings and even the increasing popularity of rifles like the AR-15, they jump on the bandwagon without even paying lip service to honest journalism by asking how the new MCC could impact mass shootings or domestic terrorism.

This is moral bankruptcy on an Olympian level! But if we fail to stand up and call out these malefactors for their lies – indeed, calling them liars straight to their faces – we will have abdicated our own responsibilities.