Thursday, August 21, 2014
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For those who want to do more than just read about gun-control issues, we urgently need your active support to help forge legislative protection for 2nd Amendment rights.  Get ready by signing up for TSRA Legislative Alerts.


The 2014 election season is upon us!

Vote for candidates during this Primary election that will protect your 2nd Amendment rights. " Download our runoff guide to see which candidates are NRA-PVF endorsed ". Only candidates facing a primary opponent are included.

Texas Primary Reminders:
Check your Voter Registration Card
Early voting runs February 18th –28th
Primary election day is March 4th
Get out and vote!

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Elections in Texas

Primary Election Runoff Voter's Guide

 Check the Texas Secretary of State's home page for Election Night Returns and other election information.

Primary Election Runoff

Check out the TSRAPAC voters' guide before voting.  click on the links above. 

Texas rules for voting in a Primary Runoff election.  In Texas a voter cannot cross party lines when it comes to a primary election runoff.  If you voted in the Democartic Primary election, you cannot chose to vote in the Republican runoff and vice-versa; however, if you did not vote in a primary election in 2014, you can still vote in a primary runoff.  

To view election night results and for more voter and election information visit the Texas Secretary of State's website

Special Election in SD4

On May 10th, Senate District 4 (Chambers, Galveston (1%), Harris (3%), Jefferson, and Montgomery (86%) counties) went to the polls to decide on a state senator to complete the term in office for retiring Senator Tommy Williams (R).  

No candidate in this special election captured more than 50% of the votes cast and there will be a run off between State Representative Brandon Creighton and State Representative Steve Toth to fill the vacancy in the Senate.

Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe)  Rated A        45.18% of votes cast

Steve Toth (R-The Woodlands) Rated A         23.71% of votes cast


  The TSRA-PAC Voters' Guide for the 2014 General Election will be posted closer to the General Election.

To check scores and endorsements for federal office holders, go to WWW.NRAILA.ORG

TSRA-PAC does not score or make endorsements in federal races.  NRA has boots on the ground in the form of 10 federal lobbyists who work with Congress.  Our specialty is Texas.

Thank your for your continued generous donations to the TSRA PAC.   These funds are  used to elect and reelect pro-gun candidates in Texas.  Contributions and disbursements are reported to the Texas Ethics Commission and are not tax deductible.

Look for a donation form in the TSRA Sportsman magazine or call 512-615-4200.   Give to the PAC!   



PAC page is active during election years and legislative updates can be found at the home page or at "Tripp Talk".


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